boudoir photographerThe sky was the perfect shade of blue, the deep, rich color that exists shortly after the sun dips below the horizon. The stars were just starting to emerge in the night sky and the street lamps were beginning to illuminate. The Eiffel tower was perched ever-so-perfectly in the not so distant skyline. We were newly engaged, walking hand and hand, strolling the cobblestone streets of Paris.

As we made our way toward the iconic tourist sight before us, Brandon, my new fiancée, began to, in classic tourist fashion, take photos with his shiny, new camera. He would stop, take a photo, look at it, make adjustments, and take another… or three, photographs. We would take another few steps and the process would begin again as he tried to capture what he wanted.

Somewhat frustrated at our stop and go pace, I asked to see the camera. I had never used a ‘real’ camera before. I held the camera up, framed the Eiffel tower to my liking and snapped the shutter. Hurriedly, I looked at the back of the camera to see what I had just created.

I was in awe that I could capture what we were experiencing first hand to take home with us and maybe, just maybe, share with our future children and grandchildren. I didn’t know anything about shutter speeds, f-stops, or ISOs. In short, I didn’t know anything about how to be a photographer, but I had fallen in love with the magic of photography.

Shortly after returning home from Paris, I decided to go to school for photography. I studied Fine Art and Art History at Wright State University and graduated from Ohio Institute of Photography & Technology with a degree in Portrait Photography.

It might have taken some time, but I have finally realized that I have developed a passion for bringing out the absolute best in people with photography. As my career has evolved, I have more specifically, fallen in love with showing women, through photography, that they are beautiful in their own skin.

I have now married that wonderful man that unintentionally introduced me to photography in Paris 8 years ago. We have two Bichon Frise dogs that are beyond spoiled and bring so much fun and laughter into our lives.

In recent years, my photography has been recognized by Professional Photographers of Ohio as well as Professional Photographers of America.