She looks at the image on the back of the camera, and with a slight gasp she mutters, “I’m hot!” followed by a wave of excited laughter.

I love it when women realize that the image on the screen is, 100%, completely them! And yes, I completely agree. You, my dear, are beautiful. I had such a great time shooting this session! Thank you so much for letting me photograph you, it was such a pleasure!

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I recently read a statistic that only 4% of women believe that they are beautiful. This statistic is easy to believe, but how it breaks my heart… Our society has created a standard of beauty that is physically impossible to achieve. And yet, it is this standard that we are trying to live up to.

If we, as women, can find beauty in children, beauty in flowers in the front lawn, and beauty in a gorgeous Spring day, how is it that we can’t see it in the reflection of the mirror?

I think this video created by Dove is such a perfect snapshot of how women view themselves. It’s time that we start loving ourselves,not despite our “imperfections,” but embracing our perfect “imperfections” that make us who we are. That make us beautiful!


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I had no more than just walked in the door and taken my shoes off to hear a knock at the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone to stop by or any Amazon deliveries… I opened the door, halfway expecting a 4 foot tall door-to-door salesgirl with pigtails selling her oh-so-delicious girl scout cookies .:)

To my surprise, the FedEx guy handed me a box and set another one at my feet. Excitedly, I grabbed both boxes and hurried inside. My hubby randomly had flowers delivered to me “at work” in my home office. I opened the second box to see a gorgeous new lens that I had been eying over the past few months!

Food might be the way to a mans heart, but camera gear and flowers is most definitely the way to this girls!!! I can’t wait to try out the lens in the studio! Stay tuned!:)

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P.S. Brandon, Thank you for believing in me and supporting me throughout the years! You are truly more than I deserve. You’re the best hubby a girl could ask for!

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intimate photographsGO AHEAD,pin thisintimate photographsGO AHEAD,pin thisIt was the era of big hair, rubix’s cubes and mix tapes. He was sitting in Psychology 101 when she walked in. She was absolutely stunning. He looked at her and she looked at him. It was the kind of moment where you need to stop a second and catch your breath.

Twenty-four years and two kids later, they now have ‘grownup’ responsibilities. A house payment to make, dishes to wash and laundry to fold. Despite the hecticness known as life, he still looks at her and has to stop to catch his breath.

I had an absolute joy photographing you! You are gorgeous, never forget it!

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