Happiness in a Box

I had no more than just walked in the door and taken my shoes off to hear a knock at the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone to stop by or any Amazon deliveries… I opened the door, halfway expecting a 4 foot tall door-to-door salesgirl with pigtails selling her oh-so-delicious girl scout cookies .:)

To my surprise, the FedEx guy handed me a box and set another one at my feet. Excitedly, I grabbed both boxes and hurried inside. My hubby randomly had flowers delivered to me “at work” in my home office. I opened the second box to see a gorgeous new lens that I had been eying over the past few months!

Food might be the way to a mans heart, but camera gear and flowers is most definitely the way to this girls!!! I can’t wait to try out the lens in the studio! Stay tuned!:)

valentines day flowers shot with 1.4 lensGO AHEAD,pin this

P.S. Brandon, Thank you for believing in me and supporting me throughout the years! You are truly more than I deserve. You’re the best hubby a girl could ask for!

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