An Afternoon Out | Dayton, OH Boudoir Photographer

She awakes to the sound of his babbling. She gets up and makes her way to the crib, pausing in the doorway, smiling at the love of her life as he softly talks to himself. She thinks to herself, where has the time gone?! My little boy is getting so big.

There are days where all of her energy is spent on making sure he is fed, bathed, and well taken care of. There are days were in the midst of the chaos, every now and then, she walks out of the house she realizes that she forgot to eat something herself. But these are the moments, as she watches him happy and content, that make the long, sleepless nights, the tantrums, and all of the messes that little ones bring, worth it.

The shoot was the rare occasion where she took a moment for herself. I am so honored that you spent part of your day at the studio for a boudoir session, I had so much fun photographing you!

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Makeup by Ebony Newcomb

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